Some of
My Favorite Things

I absolutely love music! I mean everything from jazz and classical music to hip hop, RNB, and punk! My grandpa was a jazz musician, so playing music is kind of in my blood, too. I play the guitar and piano. 

Decorating my house is another passion of mine! I love a good DIY project and even have some of my own watercolor paintings hung up in my home. Decorating is a fun creative outlet that I use to stay inspired.

There’s nothing quite like a successful thrifting trip! A few of my favorite finds are artwork and flannels (I have an extensive collection of thrifted flannels).

I also love hanging out with friends and sharing some wine or going for a hike!




Good times with friends

fun facts and short stories

One Christmas in Iraq, I was gifted a donkey bridle (I don't own a donkey)


I’m addicted to coffee, and I’ve been a barista since high school


I have two favorite wines—Pinot Noir & Sauvignon Blanc


I’ve traveled to every state except Alaska


My favorite type of food is Indian food


I hope to get my teaching certificate for yoga someday


Let's hang out!

February, 2020

Annie!!! These photos really show the love and they make me extremely giddy just looking at them. I have butterflies! 

Emma & Natalie

September, 2021

Gina & Jon

Annie!!! Just went through the preview and we loveeeddd it! It felt very us and authentic- our dream! Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us!!

August, 2021

Michael & Ana

Thank you SO MUCH for being a key character in me and Ana’s love story. You were patient, kind, motivated, and provided us with high energy. You have no idea how much we appreciated that!

love notes

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